A song to bring you back around…

Clearly I haven’t posted much of anything on the blog for months. Throughout this time I’ve been doing lots of other things, but alas, that is not the real reason. The “real reason” is more difficult to overcome than simply being busy. The problem of trying to be perfect. This is the same reason why it might take me twice as long to paint a room as a contractor or twice as long install light fixtures (or outlets, or deadbolts, or smoke detectors…).*  I’ve been trying to be too perfect. That’s a fool’s** errand.  The Avett Brothers have a  great song that sums up how to move past regret.  Enjoy where you’re at!


Oh, and another thing. I couldn’t figure out how to share something perfectly so I put it off until it was way too late. I’m a huge proponent of parenting and particularly of converting dads to be stay at home dads. I had the opportunity to share this message on a much bigger platform than my own. Check it out!  So You Want My Job: Stay At Home Dad on the Art of Manliness



*The one job I do super fast now that I’m back in the swing of things is change diapers. Newborn Monkey #3 is a boy, so it pays to be even faster than before. You only need to get peed on a few times before you learn.

**Any time I hear the word fool I hear this song in my head:

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  1. Hi there from a stay at home Dad in Germany! I saw your post on AoM. I’ve been “dadding” 10 years and like you had some military time, not brave like you in the Marines but a military contractor on a US base in Germany. I lived in Saudi Arabia in the 90s so saw the rise of Al Qaeda first hand.

    just wished to make your acquaintance!


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