Stay at home dad alternative facts: “Doll”

Poor Monkey 2 doesn’t actually have any proper dolls. But…she loves that drill. And so do I. It’s funny how not having to lug and plug an extension cord makes work so much more appealing. It makes me think of all the little impediments that get in the way of incremental progress. Hmm. Ought to do something about those. So far Making a List Of Impediments hasn’t helped.


 What you  may not see is that Monkey 1 rests the battery pack on her knee when she uses the drill so that she can steady it. I didn’t teach her that. Kids will find a way to overcome their little impediments. Inspirational.


This post brought to you by wonderful neighbors. Both the drill and the fantastic skirt Monkey 1 is wearing originated with friends and neighbors who knew we would put things to use. That has contributed to a virtuous cycle of trying to be as helpful in the neighborhood as possible.  Also it is quite the morale booster to reflect on all of the great things I have received from others (life itself for instance).

Speaking of being thankful for simple things:

Stay at home dad alternative facts: “Scooter”


Poor Monkey 2 wanted to ride it all the way to the park but she didn’t get past the driveway. She calls it the red scooter.  It is actually called a creeper.*  The creeper isn’t really very effective as transportation.  It is very effective at helping me creep around under automobiles, though and for that I am very thankful.  Funny, it is also an effective indicator of my increasing age/sense. Fifteen years ago Past Me I would have ridiculed future me for wanting wheels and a pad(!) to lay on underneath a car.  Gravel in the back was a point of pride. Past me, you were mistaken**. With a creeper I can even work on a wet cold driveway or even in a light rain.  Brilliant. Added bonus: I can imagine using this as a furniture dolly someday in a pinch. Past me never thought about furniture dollies. Or any dollies, for that matter.


*The creeper is probably one of the best worst names for a tool. My favorite worst named tool is actually called a reamer. It sounds awful. It’s what is used to clean out a hole in a tire so you can plug it. BTW, I keep a compressor and a plug kit in the trunk of my car because in many cases I would be able to fix the flat without swapping out the real tire for the donut. I’d rather get back on the road with a real tire. Below is the compressor I’ve had for five years, it is really great. Also, a tire plug kit. I keep the tire plug kit in the compressor bag along with a headlamp and pair of diagonal cutters. Wow. Quite the tangent.


** Hey Past Me, you should have bought a minivan instead of that Brand New Truck back in 2002. You never listened to anyone, ever, did you?