Song for an “Aha!” Moment (or a kick in the butt)

I’m fortunate enough to watch my daughters develop their sense of independence incrementally in real time.  Along with those abilities I’m also trying to encourage a healthy (maybe extreme) resistance to negative societal pressure so later on they can be just as insufferable and righteously indignant as me.  Any time I need to feel that thrill of independence and self determination all I have to do is listen to John Butler’s “Used To Get High” and my sense of stubborn resistance to all things negative is renewed. Then I listen to it a bunch more times until the thrill wears off. The irony of being addicted to a song about common addictions in our society is not lost on me.

This song also serves a dual purpose as a kick in the butt to keep fighting the good fight. One of the things I miss about the Marines was the ready proximity of someone to kick my butt anytime the need arose.  I imagine that there are plenty of people willing (itching?) to kick my butt out here in the real world but they don’t express it so readily or clearly as I would like.

Enjoy. (But not too much.)


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