Stay at home dad alternative facts: “Scooter”


Poor Monkey 2 wanted to ride it all the way to the park but she didn’t get past the driveway. She calls it the red scooter.  It is actually called a creeper.*  The creeper isn’t really very effective as transportation.  It is very effective at helping me creep around under automobiles, though and for that I am very thankful.  Funny, it is also an effective indicator of my increasing age/sense. Fifteen years ago Past Me I would have ridiculed future me for wanting wheels and a pad(!) to lay on underneath a car.  Gravel in the back was a point of pride. Past me, you were mistaken**. With a creeper I can even work on a wet cold driveway or even in a light rain.  Brilliant. Added bonus: I can imagine using this as a furniture dolly someday in a pinch. Past me never thought about furniture dollies. Or any dollies, for that matter.


*The creeper is probably one of the best worst names for a tool. My favorite worst named tool is actually called a reamer. It sounds awful. It’s what is used to clean out a hole in a tire so you can plug it. BTW, I keep a compressor and a plug kit in the trunk of my car because in many cases I would be able to fix the flat without swapping out the real tire for the donut. I’d rather get back on the road with a real tire. Below is the compressor I’ve had for five years, it is really great. Also, a tire plug kit. I keep the tire plug kit in the compressor bag along with a headlamp and pair of diagonal cutters. Wow. Quite the tangent.


** Hey Past Me, you should have bought a minivan instead of that Brand New Truck back in 2002. You never listened to anyone, ever, did you?

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